Posted by: Amelia | September 21, 2007

Casual Friday: Ideological Dischord Edition

Dribs and drabs from this crazy week:

Shocked – shocked! That anti-Petraeus ad put in last Sunday’s New York Times was eyeroll-worthy, even for liberals like me. But the professed palpitations the ad has caused among conservatives – from Rush to Bush – is downright silly. “Welcome to the wonderful world of umbrage, the new language of American politics. You would not have thought that the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly would be so sensitive,” Michael Kinsley writes on In yesterday’s press conference, Bush called on Democratic leaders to repudiate the ad – and implied that staying silent about it was anti-military. I’m sorry, but how often do conservatives apologize for the vitriol spewed by Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, etc? And FYI, their listenership and book sales far exceed the New York Times’ 1.6 million Sunday circulation.

Think of the children! Once again, a state Supreme Court has trotted out kids as an excuse to deny gay marriage (the last, sadly, being my own home state of Washington). This time it’s Maryland, and Shakesville’s Mustang Bobby has the rebuttal: “not everyone — straight or gay — gets married for the express purpose of having children; no one has shown that gay marriage has an impact on straight marriage […]; no one has proven that children raised in same-sex households are any more disadvantaged than those raised in straight households.”

No vote for you! Senate Democrats could not get the votes needed to prevent a filibuster on the DC voting rights bill, meaning there’s no chance the measure will pass this term. On the plus side, from Total Information Awareness: “one of the chief opponents of the DC voting rights bill, Mitch McConnell, is widely disliked and unsupported in his home state, and may go down to defeat in the next election.” With a few more Democratic pickups in 2008, maybe DC’s turn will finally come.

Below the jump, completely non-ideological videos from my new favorite show:

Ugly Betty! Campy and sweet, Ugly Betty deserves its awards. I checked out the DVDs from Season 1 and now eagerly await Season 2. The totally endearing promo for the new season has the added bonus of a soundtrack by Mika!

Also awesome: this clip parodying telenovelas starring Betty and her nerdtastic love interest Henry Grubstick.

Okay, end of corporate shillage. Sorry.

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