Posted by: Amelia | September 20, 2007

Jack Sparrow Would Be Proud

I missed International Talk Like A Pirate Day yesterday.  Fortunately, the hilarious taxi dispatcher at Blank Top Chronicles did not:

ME: Ahoy matey, the bosun tells me ye be havin’ a problem with one o’ me lads.
GUY: . . . Uh, yeah . . . I had a problem with one of your drivers?
ME: What did he be doin’, says I?
GUY: He . . . uh . . . He almost ran me off the road . . .
ME: ARRRRR!!! That scurvy bilge rat! Give te me his numbarrr, and I’ll be havin’ him walk the plank ‘afore the first bell o’ the evenin’ watch!
GUY: Uh . . . why are you talking like a pirate?
ME: Arrrr . . . I had a stroke.
GUY: Oh.
ME: So what be the number o’ the tar that almost made ye founder?
GUY: Uh . . . I didn’t GET the cab number, actually . . .
ME: Aye, but if ye don’t know the number of the blaggart that dropped ye in his wake , how do we be findin’ him says I?
GUY: Uhm, I just wanted to . . . you know . . . generally complain about your drivers.
ME: Shiver me timbers! There may be a scurvy swab ‘er two in me crew, but we can’t keel haul ’em all just on account that ye didn’t like the cut o’ one of ’ems jib!

I don’t know why this meme is proliferating so rapidly, but if it can cause even Red State to lighten up for a day, it’s okay by me.



  1. I missed it to..and look at my avatar.. ashamed of myself!

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