Posted by: Amelia | September 16, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday: New Home Edition

When I moved back up to Cambridge from DC a week and a half ago, I brought my herbs and cayenne pepper with me.  They have made their new home on the fire escape of my little building:

herbs on fire escape

They won’t last throughout the New England winter, of course, but they’ll be nice additions to fall food.  I also picked up a new photosynthetic friend this weekend: a $13 orchid from IKEA:


I don’t know anything about orchids or tending to indoor plants, so we’ll see how long it lasts.  For $13, it’s a steal even if it ends up being only a temporary guest.  My love for IKEA grows with each visit.


  1. Nice photos! And if you are going to feature liquor bottles behind your beautiful orchid, at least it’s Tanqueray!

  2. […] Thumb Sunday: ‘Hello, Goodbye’ Edition The orchid I bought last fall did well for a while, but over the winter its leaves started to droop.  And by droop, I mean […]

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