Posted by: Amelia | August 26, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday: Surrogate Tomatoes Edition

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, gardening is a year-to-year learning process. This season I sometimes learned lessons too late to make corrections for the current crop, but I can apply those lessons whenever I start another garden. Being home in Washington State, however, has given me a chance to apply some of my knowledge now, since the cooler climate means a later growing season. When I arrived, none of my family’s tomato plants had developed ripe tomatoes yet. They were an unruly mess of unpruned branches and energy-draining suckers. A couple of the green tomatoes were also showing signs of Blossom End Rot.I set to work pruning the suckers and liming the soil. Less than two weeks later, some fruit is ripening:


New Girl tomato plant

golden tomatoes

Sun Gold tomato plant – these orange tomatoes are actually ripe!

Now, I can’t take full credit – they would have ripened without my intervention. But pruning is meant to direct the plant’s energy and sugars toward fruit production, rather than new leaf and stem production. So I think these tomatoes came on a little earlier than they might have – which is good news for me, since I’m only here for another few days!


  1. And I’m sure they’ll taste all the better for your loving care. Happy GTS

  2. I’ll have to try pruning out during the season next year. Happy GTS!

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