Posted by: Amelia | August 17, 2007

Casual Friday: Sad-Funny Quotes Edition

Evolution sez: Poof! You’re a human! A Middle Tennessee State University professor of Sociology attempted to disprove evolution by saying: “You guys ever see the drawings anthropologists use to try to prove that humans evolved from monkeys? My question is: If we came from monkeys, then how come we aren’t seeing monkeys turning into humans every day?” This kind of quote doesn’t even need commentary. Wait, how did that photo of Bush get over there?

Does that mean The Sims was a gateway drug? The Wall Street Journal has a very interesting article about addiction to the networked computer game Second Life, which quotes one addict’s wife as saying: “It’s sad; it’s a waste of human life. … Everybody has their hobbies, but when it’s from six in the morning until two in the morning, that’s not a hobby, that’s your life.” The husband is basically too busy playing Second Life to respond. Actually, this isn’t sad-funny, it’s just sad. I’m weeping for human- and monkey-kind.

Divorce styles of the rich and well-housed. After last week’s piece on the wealthy and whiny, the New York Times this week has a piece on wealthy couples who divorce when the real estate market peaks. Said one commentator: “When people get a lot of wealth in a hurry, it’s more easy to act upon their impulses. … You get used to sending back a steak because you don’t like it. You send back a wife.”

Probably a better fundraising strategy for McCain anyway. John McCain made his 10th appearance on The Daily Show this week. The interview started by McCain and Jon Stewart switching seats:

McCain: Did you hear him say that I was taking over the show and he was going to the Senate? Did you hear it? Look at that.

Stewart: I don’t have that much time to waste.

McCain: But you know what that means if he’s going to the Senate?

Stewart: Cloture?

No lolcat today, just some Friday catblogging below the jump.

It’s my family’s cat! His name is Oliver, but we mostly just call him “the cat” or “kitty man.”




  1. I like John S.

    I like McCain (as a person, not all of his policies)

    and I also like competitive sports in bed 😉

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one saddened by Second Life. I mean, I’m sure it has it’s appropriate place in the universe and all, but I just don’t have time to mess with it. I’m too busy leading my First Life!

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