Posted by: Amelia | August 13, 2007

I Heart DC

I’m back home in “the other Washington” now, having gotten up at 5am this morning to finish packing, get to the airport, and board my five and a half hour flight. 5am Eastern is, of course, 2am Pacific, so I expect I’ll have some odd sleeping patterns for the next couple of days. Since my brain is a little fried, I figured it might be a good time to do some simple tabulations for my summer in DC.

By the numbers:

  • Weeks worked: 11
  • Blog posts: 80
  • Total times blog viewed: 4,200+
  • Rivers forded: 1
  • Mosquito bites: dozens
  • Bottles of wine: a great many
  • Dates: 6
  • Illnesses: 1cayennes
  • Money spent on metro fare: at least $200
  • Liters of vodka infused: 1.75
  • Ripe cherry tomatoes: around 20
  • Ripe beefsteak tomatoes: around zero
  • Cayenne peppers harvested: 20 and counting

Some qualitative highlights:

Lastly, just because it’s interesting to me, here are the top ten most popular posts in the life of this blog thus far:

Apparently the keys to getting traffic are LOLcats, Harry Potter, sex, dating, and celebrities. Not entirely surprising, I suppose.

I’ve only spent 15 months of my life in DC, but it has its claws in me like no other city. I think it’s safe to say I’ll be back. In the meantime, I will continue to blog about politics, feminism, and other unpopular topics – and the fun stuff, too.


  1. DC hearts you too. Oh, and you know one of the search terms that gets people to my blog? Carrie Potter and the Philosopher’s Bone. Really.

  2. Welcome back to Washington State!

  3. Have a great time in the “other” Washington!

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