Posted by: Amelia | August 12, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday X: Saying Goodbye to My Babies

In addition to bidding farewell to DC and all of my friends here, today I have to say goodbye to the garden.  I’ll take some of the herbs and maybe the peppers back to Boston with me, but there’s no way I can take everything – there’s only so many pots I can get away with perching on the fire escape of my new studio, and not everything will fit in the car anyway.  This picture is from week three:

plants late June

And this is from week nine:

garden week nine

Since I have to leave the tomato plants, I have been rather selfish about eating lots of tomatoes before I depart.  I’ve been making fried green tomatoes with some of the unripe fruit, and I had a fantastic tomato, basil, and mozarella salad the other day with all of the ripe cherry tomatoes:


But this won’t be my last Green Thumb Sunday post.  There is actually kind of a backlog of garden-related stuff I’ve been meaning to write about, such as the results of the vodka infusions and herb deydration from week 8.  But this is the last real dispatch from Cleveland Park Garden ’07.  Goodbye, sweet plants!  It’s been fun.


  1. Glad you managed to enjoy some of the fruits of your labour before you leave :o)

  2. Your tomato and mozarella looks GREAT. Making me hungry!

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving! It was nice to meet you.. I head up to MA quite a bit; if I’m ever there I’ll hit you up!

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