Posted by: Amelia | August 3, 2007

Casual Friday X

 I still don’t think Carrie Bradshaw could afford all those shoes.  The New York Times is reporting that working women in their twenties are actually earning more in certain cities than working men in their twenties.  In New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and other cities, young women who work full-time are earning more than their male counterparts, despite a national wage gap that still favors men.  Experts point to young women’s higher educational achievement, though the national wage gap for college-educated women in their 20s has actually widened (and not in women’s favor).  Experts speculated that cities probably draw from a particular female pool, i.e. career-focused unmarried types.  But don’t assume they’re child-skeptical.  “It seems that women tend to take less time off between college and law school, and therefore become more senior, and, hence, make more money, at a younger age,” one young woman speculated.  “[I]t probably has more to do with the unfortunate fact that women need to keep in mind biological time constraints and feel a great deal of pressure to build an entire career before refocusing on marriage and children.”

Robotifying Makeovers ‘R’ Us. After the creepy photoshopping of Faith Hill uncovered by Jezebel, Feministing has found a website that will ‘retouch’ your photos with the same zeal.  Some of the examples are fairly innocuous, like the minor retouching on these wedding photos.  But most of the examples are of girls and even infants who appear to be competing in a pageant for who can look most like a robotic baby prostitute.  The photoshopping of the baby at right is, I think the worst.  Or maybe this one, in which a little girl is transformed into the lovechild of Audrey Hepburn and Batboy.  They even talk about giving her “doll eyes” – eww.

DC foodies ready for high holiday.  Next week is Restaurant Week here in DC!  It’s the magical week when you can get an enormous prix fixe dinner or lunch for $30 or $20, respectively. Even though it is the end of the summer and I’m feeling impoverished, Restaurant Week is too much fun to miss.  My mainstay, Equinox, is totally booked.  So we’re going to Rasika, a modern Indian place which won the ‘Rammy’ for best new restaurant this year.  DC Fabulous says they do fish very well.  I can’t wait!

Below the jump, the video I mentioned in the post on abortion logic earlier in the week. Also, another lolcat.  I promise I’ll stop soon.

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