Posted by: Amelia | July 22, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday VII

My housemate and fellow gardener left today, bound for the wilds of graduate school. Gardening this summer was fun, but what made it really great was having someone else who was equally enthusiastic about it. Sadly, none of our tomatoes had really ripened by yesterday. Out of the dozens upon dozens of cherry tomatoes, only two have started to turn orange:

getting red

Even more tragic, my prized beefsteak tomato got knocked off the vine when we had a barbecue on the deck, so it never ripened:


To honor the housemate’s departure, we decided to make fried green tomatoes with the beefsteak, and green tomato fritters with a bunch of chopped up green cherry tomatoes. We sprinkled chopped fresh basil over both. The photo of the fried green tomatoes didn’t turn out all that well, but the fritters looked like this:


Proof that everything tastes awesome when battered and fried. Even underripe tomatoes.



  1. Oh, excellent! Tomato fritters? What a smashing idea. I love it!

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