Posted by: Amelia | July 20, 2007

Casual Friday VIII

Republicans Hate Puppies. Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was indicted for running a horrific-sounding dogfighting operation, prompting media exploration of the legislative side of combating the problem. Most politicians and enforcers are solidly against dogfighting, but a as NPR revealed this morning, some Congressional Republicans opposed a bill that would penalize interstate trafficking of fighting dogs. Why? Abortion politics, of course! “Rep. Steve King from Iowa says it’s wrong for the federal government criminalize pit bull trafficking while allowing legal abortion. ‘My vote says that human life needs to be elevated and stay above animal life. And I think it devalues all human life, when you set the life of an animal up above that of a human,’ King says.”

Don’t Tell O’Reilly. Last month, Bill O’Reilly made a fool of himself with a fanhorribletastic piece on lesbian gangs who carry pink pistols and terrorize our nation. Now it turns out that pink weaponry may, in fact, be coming to a purse near you: Taser International is introducing a cheap, compact taser they are specifically marketing to women. “The new C2, as the weapon is called, looks more like a large disposable razor than a gun, comes in a variety of colors and is $350, all of which Taser executives believe will persuade women to add the weapon to their checklist for the evening: lipstick, wallet, keys, Taser.” And yes, the taser comes in, not one, but two different shades of pink (as well as blue, white, and black).

Did I Mention I Love Harry Potter? I’ve got my wristband for the Harry Potter party tonight – eeeee!!!! It’s been pretty hard to avoid all the spoilers and insinuations. The New York Times broke the review embargo two days early by posting its Michiko Kakutani review (didn’t read it), and Salon has a piece on their front page that I furiously scrolled past. I even heard that some jackass radio station here in DC is going to read the last page on air. If anyone starts shouting out spoilers at the party tonight, I will go the juvenile route and cover my ears while shouting “la la la I can’t hear you!”

Below the jump, the latest Toast and another LOLcat.


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