Posted by: Amelia | July 19, 2007

News from the States

SurveyUSA just came out with Bush approval rating results from a smattering of states, which I’ve transcribed below. Check out Massachusetts’ numbers in particular:

Approve/ Disapprove
Alabama 42/ 55
California 25 /72
Iowa 28/ 69
Kansas 37 /58
Kentucky 38 /59
Massachusetts 19/ 79
Minnesota 29/ 68
Missouri 37 /60
New Mexico 30/68
New York 23/ 75
Ohio 31 /67
Oregon 31 /66
Virginia 32/ 64
Washington 29/ 69
Wisconsin 35/ 62

Wow. Four out of every five Massachusetts residents hate freedom!

Even in Alabama, Bush can only muster 42% approval. Since John McCain has tied himself to this presidency more than any other candidate, it’s no wonder he’s having such trouble. For more on that subject, check out Gail Collins’ debut column in the New York Times today. Yay, another woman’s voice at NYT!

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