Posted by: Amelia | July 15, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday VI

I wasn’t joking: the tomato plants are immense. The larger of the two is now taller than I am:

tall tomato

Yesterday I learned that pruning and “training up” is important for making tomatoes bear fruit earlier. Since we hadn’t pruned at all and had barely put in any stakes, we launched an all-out attack on our tomato plants. I pinched off suckers, chopped off a few low branches, and tied the plants up onto bamboo stakes. No longer were the branches lolling around, leaning on other plants and lewdly extending their branches into one another. The tomatoes are in reform school now: they’re standing up straight and will begin focusing their energy toward useful pursuits (i.e. making sugary red romatoes).

The garden as a whole is really remarkable. To think, a mere six weeks ago all of this fit into one shopping cart:

garden week 6


  1. I knew about pinching but not about “training up.” I can’t wait to get home and give my ‘mates some tough love.

  2. […] time around.  The internet has been a huge source of knowledge.  In an earlier post I wrote about pruning and training my cherry tomato plants, which has definitely helped them produce ripe […]

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