Posted by: Amelia | July 8, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday V

I had to amputate one of the beefsteak tomatoes today. From the top, it looked alright, but the bottom was a brown, mushy mess:


My theory is that some moisture got trapped between the developing tomato and a leafstalk just underneath it, and that it rotted the fruit in the heat. There’s still one big, green beefsteak tomato on the plant, but it doesn’t seem too close to turning red. I’m starting to get worried that none of our tomatoes – even the little grape tomatoes – will ripen before my housemate and co-gardener leaves town in two weeks.

img078.jpgOn the other hand, the herbs and cayennes are robust as ever. Yesterday the housemate made the most awesome fresh salsa with store-bought tomatoes and onions and homegrown cayennes and cilantro. The herb salads have also been fantastic. But I want those tomatoes! We just don’t get enough sun anywhere on the property. Otherwise, I’d rig up a tomato wagon like my parents have done back home in the gray Northwest (pictured at right). Yes, we go to extremes.



  1. […] presents another pitfall. Remember when I had that beefsteak tomato with the big ugly spot on the bottom? A discussion on Inadvertent Gardener taught me that I was dealing with a phenomenon known as […]

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