Posted by: Amelia | July 5, 2007

Thinking Bloggers

thinking bloggerMartin, whom I met at the DC blogger happy hour last month, tagged me with a Thinking Blogger Award via his group blog, Scholars and Rogues. As they phrase it, the way Thinking Blogger Awards work is that when you’re tagged, you in turn bestow the award on five other sites that make you think. It’s a pyramid scheme of flattery! Delightful. Here are my five:

Roguely Stated: I’ve mentioned these bloggers before, but they deserve another shout-out. These Kennedy School classmates blog about international security, mixing useful clip-service-style daily briefings with longer, in-depth analyses of the news.

Cambridge Common: Another group blog, Cambridge Common takes on such issues as race, gender, immigration, and Harvard politics. My friend Ryan is one of the excellent bloggers on this site – check out his latest post, a review of Michael Moore’s Sicko.

Don’t Be Silent: This blog aims to combat street harassment in the DC area by allowing readers to share their stories and discuss ways to respond. Perhaps out of obliviousness, I have not personally felt harassed here, but it’s a huge problem for women’s freedom and mobility in the world if they are made to feel uneasy or unwelcome on the streets.

Average Jane: Primarily a dating blog, Average Jane’s latest post delved into political commentary. She is an excellent writer, and I hope she both continues writing about the dating world and makes political commentary a regular feature.

Quench Zine: A radical blog tied to their flickr zine, Quench discusses LGBT issues and a smattering of other political topics. I found this “Trans 101” primer particularly useful (a sort of “everything you wanted to know about transgender people and issues but were afraid to ask”).



  1. […] Tart, a great friend of RoguelyStated, tagged us with a Thinking Blogger Award.  We’re flattered, and in turn it’s our duty to tag […]

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the shout-out to Quench! We’re happy you liked our blog/zine. I hope you stop by sometime soon, and join the discussion! (

    -Quench folks

  3. …sorry for the late response, I just stumbled across you here!

  4. […] Tart, a great friend of RoguelyStated, tagged us with a Thinking Blogger Award.  We’re flattered, and in turn it’s our duty to tag five […]

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