Posted by: Amelia | July 2, 2007

Bush Gives Up

Maybe he thinks his approval ratings can’t get any worse. President Bush just commuted Scooter Libby’s prison sentence. Libby was convicted on obstruction charges in connection with the leake of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity. Says CNN:

Bush, who was under great pressure by Libby allies to pardon the former chief of staff, said that by commuting Libby’s sentence he is still leaving “harsh” punishment in place.

Um, what punishment would that be? Being forced to resign? That is, quite literally, the least he could do. I guess the fact that Libby wasn’t pardoned outright means that a conviction will still appear on his record. That is, indeed, a bummer for him (particularly if he ever wants to vote in Florida). Still, the bald cronyism of this move is one more big nail in the coffin of Bush’s legacy.

I can’t wait to see what Jon Stewart says about this tonight.

[Edit: Ah, okay, he still has to pay $250,000. It’s something.]


  1. Libby’s conviction still stands (though he has a right to appeal it); he just doesn’t have to serve the prison term that the judge ordered as part of the sentence. The fine is $250,000.

  2. He is also still on probation for two years.

  3. Except his defense fund, put together by his political friends, has over $5 million in assets . . . not sure the $250,000 even counts as a slap on the wrist in that case . . .

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