Posted by: Amelia | June 22, 2007

Casual Friday IV

As always, the bits and pieces:

And You Thought Celine Was Bad. According to Slate, campaign songs used to be exercises in musical mudslinging. For instance: “Rather than directly criticize Adams’ political rivals, the 1824 campaign song illustrates the horror that will break out if the public votes for someone else: “Fire’s comin’, swords are comin’, pistols, guns, and knives are comin’ … if John Quincy not be comin’.” Later verses add slavery, plague, pestilence, and Satan to the guest list.” That might be too extreme for today’s campaigns, but they could at least threaten something mild in the absence of their election. Like gridlock traffic, or extreme papercuts.

Bush Is Teh Tacky. Via The Coracle, the Washington Post has ridiculed President Bush’s recent footwear choice (Crocs with socks). It’s nice to see male politicians’ fashion decisions scrutinized for a change. is rejoicing.

Italian Food By IKEA. A branch of the European casual-chic dining chain Vapiano opened not long ago around the corner from where I work. I had lunch there with Messr. Ryan the other day. Cheap, fast, and gimmicky-in-a-good-way, my impression of the place was quite positive after initially being overwhelmed. It’s a madhouse, albeit a madhouse clad in red vinyl, light wood paneling, and potted herbs. DC Fabulous has a longer review. With $2.50 glasses of wine at happy hour, Vapiano is definitely a gimmick I can get behind.

How You Found Me. This blog surged past 1000 hits earlier this week. Lots of blogs get that in an hour, I know, but I take what I can get. Some interesting search terms people have used to find this blog: ‘chastise males,’ ‘New York Divorce Lawyers,’ ‘what are kinds of tomatoes and their names,’ ‘necco wafer price history,’ ‘Life as a Tart,’ ‘Older Women,’ ‘judge southwick takes child from mother,’ ‘crossdressing homemade breasts,’ ‘flamer caturday,’ and ‘klobuchar lesbian.’ Creepier is the search phrase ‘certain amount of curiosity and gumption,’ a verbatim quote from the hilarious and awful message I got from a polygamist and posted a while back. The guy must’ve been Googling the net to see if anyone had republished his letter (I’m sure I’m not the only potential third wife he emailed). If he’s still scouring and sees this new post – hi creepy dude!

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