Posted by: Amelia | June 15, 2007

Casual Friday III

In this week’s Casual Friday, a spotlight on some fine friends:

Bush Has No Plan B Either. Beccah Golubock Watson, feminist crusader and a college colleague of mine, has written an incisive piece on the lack of EC for military servicewomen and Democrats’ woeful inability to step up to the plate about it. (Hat tip to Feministing).

Librarians Are Rad. Marcel LaFlamme, my dear friend and favorite radical librarian, has won a prize from the Progressive Librarian’s Guild for his essay “Towards a Progressive Discourse on Community Needs Assessment: Perspectives from Collaborative Ethnography and Action Research.”

Taking It Seriously. An all-star crew of Kennedy School friends are anchoring the delightfully named Roguely Stated, an international security blog. They write about serious issues like nuclear terrorism, global warming, and the Iran question (nice articles, guys). A gaggle of Nicholas Kristofs to my Maureen Dowd.

And finally, the latest Toast video from my street auteur friend Cailin:

Weekend Agenda: tubing in Harper’s Ferry, schmoozing in Adams Morgan.


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