Posted by: Amelia | June 14, 2007

Massachusetts Equal Marriage Majority Prevails

Not just a majority, but a 151-45 supermajority. Opponents of gay marriage needed only 25% of the legislature (or 50 votes) to get an anti-gay marriage amendment onto the 2008 ballot. I personally think the ballot measure would have failed (though perhaps not by a huge margin). People in Massachusetts have gotten used to equal marriage by now and can see that the sky didn’t fall three years ago.

But today, the people’s representatives did the right thing and defeated the amendment with room to spare. What, I wonder, would Mitt Romney say? As I recall, he was one of the people saying the legislature, and not the Supreme Judicial Court, should make the gay marriage decision. Well, they’ve decided. It’s done. Marriage for all is here to stay!

[Edit: I just joined Atticus Circle, a new organization of hetero supporters of gay rights.  If that describes you, sign up!]



  1. Addition: Romney is now saying it’s the people who should decide.
    What would he say if THEY said yes to equal marriage?

  2. According to today’s Last Call (which I’m sure you read at 4:01…):

    Mitt Romney called MA’s vote against a gay marriage ban a “regrettable setback in our efforts to defend traditional marriage”

  3. I had the pleasure of being inside the walls of the Massachusetts State House for last Thursday’s vote. To say that the atmosphere was electric is a gross understatement. As legislators emerged from the House floor vote following, they were greeted with raucous applause and supportive shouts from observers. Both in the building and outside on the streets, the supporters of equal rights clearly outnumbered the pro-ban contingent. The vote and the whole scene made me very proud to be from Massachusetts.

  4. Wow, thanks for that report, David. I really wish I had been there to experience it myself!

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