Posted by: Amelia | June 8, 2007

Casual Friday II

The bits and pieces:

Because DC Doesn’t Have Enough Privacy Invaders Already. DCist is excited about the possibility of Google Street View coming to DC. The feature, which has already debuted for five other cities, lets viewers get a street-level view of storefronts, apartment buildings, landmarks, and whatever else Google’s 360-degree-camera-wielding VW bug managed to capture as it drove around the cities’ streets. Farhad Manjoo has a good piece on the controversy surrounding some vaguely incriminating and/or embarrassing photos already on Google View. I wonder what titter-worthy (or lawsuit-worthy) candid DC moments will show up if Google View does indeed come to town.

Our Fair District? Also via DCist, there are rumblings about the possibility of gay marriage in the district. According the Washington Post, Council member Jim Graham plans to introduce legislation in the next two years, and also called for the release of a legal opinion from Mayor Anthony Williams’ administration on the question of recognizing out-of-state marriages.

Young, Political Women: Absent or Invisible? Dana Milbank wrote a piece about Wednesday’s Clinton rally and its supposed lack of 18-24 year old women. I sort of feel Milbank had a particular story he wanted to write and didn’t really look around for evidence to the contrary, because I saw plenty of young women in the audience. And of course the Council of Champions is going to be older women – they’re the ones with the experience, the clout, and the money. As for Katharine McPhee bombing, I blame poor musical selection and not a geriatric audience. People, even young women like myself, don’t go to a political rally to hear a sugary radio hit or a droopy Alanis cover. Pump up the crowd, Katharine! Sing some Aretha, and the boomers aren’t the only gals that will applaud. Or try your hand at one of the songs up for official campaign song consideration at Clinton HQ.

MOM U R SO TRENDY!!11!!1!! The top emailed story on the New York Times right now is a hilarious account of one mother joining Facebook, much to her teenage daughter’s chagrin. Via IM, I asked my own mother whether she had read the article. Mother Tart replied that she hadn’t, but added: “Just before you typed that, I was wondering whether and how I should join facebook and what is involved.” OMG.



  1. I added here the best Street View.

  2. […] it’s coming to Boston eventually, anyway.  Similar Bugs were spotted in DC at the beginning of the summer, and Street View is still not available […]

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