Posted by: Amelia | June 6, 2007

The Intern Life

Today is a big day around the office. This afternoon is Hillary Clinton’s “block party” rally, featuring the Senator herself and an array of awesome women, including Madeleine Albright, Geraldine Ferraro, Maya Angelou, and Billie Jean King. There will also be musical performances from Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and that finalist from American Idol, Katharine McPhee (maybe they’ll come up with a catchy counterpoint to Obama’s reggaeton anthem). Anyway, the whole office is going there to join in the festivities and work the event.

This morning I got to take a break from candidate research to play courier, delivering VIP passes for the block party to some big donors. In DC, this is a pretty fun task. I walked, cabbed, and metroed my way around the DC office swath, from Chinatown to Georgetown. En route I passed the White House, the C&O Canal, the Kennedy Center, and my old office, among other places. JFK characterized Washington as “a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm,” but maybe the North has gotten more charming (and the South more efficient?) in the last 45 years. I find downtown quite charming, in its own forthrightly bureaucratic kind of way.

I’m having a belated birthday dinner tonight with my mother, who happens to be in town. We’re going to our de facto mom-is-in-town-and-paying-for-my-meal restaurant Equinox, where they feature posh-sounding dishes like “Lemon Degustation” and “House Cured Sturgeon ‘Pastrami’ with Rye Crisp.” Un petit peut ridicule. In birthday news of a more woeful nature, I just found out that my birthday is also historically Old Maid’s Day.



  1. You’re going to Equinox! I’m so jealous. Your life sounds very glamourous.

    Old Maid’s day is on November 24 in Quebec. For some reason, we celebrate spinsters by making toffee, which we call “tire Sainte-Catherine” (it’s another kind of tire).

  2. You Sound Way to important. The biggest celeb i’ve met is Johnny Borrel of Razorlight (UK Rock Group). I guess your a poll taker. I’ll not remind you of President Trumans shock win in 48.

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