Posted by: Amelia | June 1, 2007

Casual Friday

Dribs and drabs from the week:

Getting all handsy.  Via Freakonomics, Research Digest Blog reports on a study in which male researchers asked women on the street for their phone numbers, and women in nightclubs for a dance.  Half of the women were touched lightly on the arm, while the others were approached only verbally.  Women who were touched were more likely to assent to a dance or give their phone number.  “Guegen says that when men make this light touch on the women’s arms, they are perceived as more dominant which is an attractive trait associated with status,” the post reports.  I’m not sure about this conclusion: are the women more interested in saying yes, or just caught more off-guard and less able to formulate a no?

You’re Next, Rhode Island.  New Hampshire is the latest New England state to adopt civil unions.  From the Washington Post: “Gov. John Lynch signed a law Thursday establishing civil unions for same-sex couples in New Hampshire, allowing them to apply for the same rights as married people as early as January.  New Hampshire has ‘a long and proud tradition taking the lead in opposing discrimination,’ Lynch said. ‘Today that tradition continues.'”  With most of New England and the Pacific states offering some form of gay marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership, we’re one step closer toward a more perfect union.

Even More Free Museums:  As an addendum to my earlier I Heart DC post, DC’s free museum quotient is even higher this weekend as the Dupont/Kalorama area museums make like the Smithsonian and open their doors to all.  This includes the Phillips Collection!  Sweet.

Also Sweet, Free. Today is National Doughnut Day!  After work I will head up to the Dupont Circle Krispy Kreme to get my free donut.  And then I will join a gym.

You found me!  You really found me!  The past 24 hours have been very good to this blog: not only did I get my first flamer, but my post about marriage got picked up by DC Blogs.  Rise, little hit count, rise.


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