Posted by: Amelia | May 30, 2007

With a Capital T that Rhymes with P

Five things I have missed about DC: Part 1 of a series

Billiards. For some reason, pool tables are scarce in Cambridge. I’m not an experienced player, but I really enjoy a good game of pool. Fortunately, DC provides. Buffalo Billiards in Dupont Circle has dozens of tables, and Atomic Billiards in Cleveland Park is just a scant two blocks from my new digs. And since the smoking ban went into effect this January, DC’s pool halls will be even more appealing than I remember. My goal for the summer is to gain actual billiards skills, and then hustle people out of their money.

The Metro. The DC metro, for those of you who haven’t experienced it, is basically the Rolls Royce of subways. Clean, comfortable, and blazing fast, the metro woos with perks such as readerboards displaying wait times and hypnotically long escalators.

Cleveland Park Wines and Liquors. It looks like your average liquor store. There are no artsy wooden barrels brimming with fake grapes or displays of artisinal cheeses. It’s the owner’s free weekly wine-tastings that make CP Wines so awesome. He usually samples a few wines every Friday and Saturday, and sometimes other days as well. Once a month, he will do a “big tasting” of 20-30 wines, usually organized around some theme (all Viogniers, a particular region of France, etc).

Museums. More specifically, free museums. People who have lived in DC develop a ridiculous sense of entitlement, thanks to the Smithsonian museums’ totally fantastic lack of an entrance fee. Wanna pop in and get lost in a Rothko for a few minutes? It’s free. Feel like sampling some psychedelic digital animation? That’s free too. And so is Butterstick.

Ethiopian Food. DC has the largest Ethiopian population outside of Ethiopia, I am told. Ethiopian restaurants line Adams Morgan and the U Street corridor. With the possible exception of Addis Red Sea in Boston, I’ve never found better Ethiopian food than here. Maybe I’ll take myself to Meskerem this weekend.



  1. Not only is the metro extremely comfortable and fast, it’s also really well designed, and the architecture of certain stations is just breathtaking.

    If you go to the Hirshhorn, please pay a visit to the resin girl lying on a couch in the basement. I had a nice moment with her the last time I went to DC.

  2. On the other hand, the red line broke down today and made me late for work! I guess I jinxed myself.

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